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Leadership Menomonie Application 2021-2022

There are necessary precautions being put in place for COVID-19 and a formal preparedness plan will be provided to class participants and their employers. Leadership Menomonie strives to ensure continuation of the area's quality of life by providing a forum to develop and motivate future leaders. Leadership Menomonie, a community-based leadership program, is here to help you grow as a leader and engage in our community.
These professionals gather monthly to learn about our accolades as a community and the challenges we are facing.

Each monthly gathering focuses on a different community segment; from human services to arts and the economy, participants are immersed in a half-day or full-day virtual or traveling class that includes guest speakers, hands-on experiences, tours and relationship building. The goal of each class day is to challenge thinking and inspire you to get involved in your community.

At the start of this program, participants are placed into small groups and are charged with the task of identifying an issue or program that needs attention. These groups then plan and execute sustainable community projects.
2021-2022 Schedule
Applications for the 2021-2022 Leadership Menomonie program are due August 1, 2021 Class Schedule: September 28-29 - Retreat October 21– Health & Human Services November 18 – Education December 16– Professional Development / Community Service January 20 – Business & Industry February 17 – Government & Law March 17 – Agriculture & Environment April 21– Arts, Heritage & Tourism May 19– Manufacturing June 16– Graduation Ceremony
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Tuition for the Leadership Menomonie program is $750 for all participants. Tuition covers ALL program costs including meals, some transportation, awards and materials. Payment of tuition can be made at time of application or prior to September 1, 2021. Credit cards are accepted.
Tuition Assistance
A limited number of partial scholarships may be available to individuals or organizations otherwise unable to provide tuition. If you need financial assistance, please include a separate letter with this application requesting a partial scholarship and indicate the amount needed and why.
Leadership Menomonie consists of a beginning leadership retreat and monthly leadership days from October through May and a closing event in June. In addition, each class member is expected to complete a team project under the representation of the Chamber of Commerce. The Workforce and Education Committee reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the program whom has missed two or more sessions. Attendance will be taken at each session. Please consider availability if you decide to participate in this year’s class. If you apply and later find that you are unable to participate, please notify the Chamber immediately so the Committee can choose an alternate.
I understand the purposes of the Leadership Menomonie program and if I am selected I agree to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program. I understand that, barring an emergency, my attendance is required and failure to comply may result in my dismissal from the class without a tuition refund.
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This application has the approval of this organization and the applicant has our support including the time required to participate in the program.
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