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Youth Career Expo

Youth Career Expo

Youth Career Expo

Youth Career Expo
April 20, 2023 | 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Menomonie Area High School | 1715 5th Street W., Menomonie


Meet your future employees! To raise awareness of career pathways and employment opportunities in the Menomonie area, the Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor Center is coordinating the 2023 Youth Career Expo.  This event is targeted to high school students in grades 9-12 in and around Dunn County. This expo enables hundreds of students to learn about career pathways directly from business professionals working in the field. Many businesses use this event to provide career navigation and recruit student employees and apprenticeship prospects. If you are looking to grow your workforce, the Youth Career Expo is the place to start.  

More than 400 high school students will arrive in 90-minute waves throughout the day. Students can move from exhibitor to exhibitor in an open house style throughout their session, visiting booths and speaking to representatives. The event provides an engaging environment for companies to shape students’ career choices and position them for opportunity.  Hands-on activities are encouraged! Studies show that students retain 70% more information when they can experience hands-on activities.  

Accelerate student awareness by offering hands-on experiences at your booth, all while promoting career navigation and education. Below are some industry-specific examples for student engagement opportunities:   

  • Fire Fighters are encouraged to bring a truck to explore, bring gear to try on, etc.   

  • Law Enforcement are encouraged to bring vision impairment goggles, emergency and support vehicles, boat, snowmobiles, etc.   

  • Financial institutions could offer an interactive budget activity and promote the importance of savings  

  • Postsecondary education institutions can offer a portable welding trailer or other forms of innovative learning aids  

  • The medical field could bring a mobile health unit, interesting medical instruments, portable equipment, or other innovative learning aids  

  • The hands-on learning opportunities are endless!   

Build your candidate pipeline with an anticipated attendance of 400+ high school students.  The following schools have committed to participating in this year's Youth Career Expo:   

  • Menomonie High School  

  • Boyceville School District  

  • Elmwood School District  

  • Glenwood City School District  

  • With additional schools invited! 

How Does my Business or Organization Participate? 

We are glad you asked!  Get the students excited to work with you by registering today! Do not miss the deadline of March 30, 2023.    

  • Develop your business relationships with participating businesses and organizations during the event.   

  • Encourage your employees with high school seniors to apply for the $1,000 Chamber Scholarship, which is specific to students affiliated with a Chamber Investor and/or promote scholarships specific to your business.  

  • Highlight your services or products through incentives like giveaways, demonstrations, videos, or food  

 For the full listing of sponsorship benefits, view the Youth Career Expo  Sponsorship Menu. Additional event details will be provided two weeks prior to the event. If you have any questions, contact Melissa at 715-235-9087 or  

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