Huebsch Services Celebrating 125 Years of Service

August 23, 2016
Eau Claire, WI - Huebsch Services is celebrating 125 years of service and wants to thank employees and customers.  “We are thrilled to be celebrating 125 years of service at Huebsch.  We could not have done it without our dedicated employees and loyal customers.  We want to show our appreciation with a series of celebrations”, says Jim Vaudreuil, great-grandson of founder John Huebsch and current CEO of Huebsch.  Celebrations will look back on Huebsch’s rich history and share its vision for the future.
A special event for employees and their families will be held on August 26th from 11:00am-3:00pm at Huebsch Distribution and Production Facilities in Eau Claire, WI.  To thank valued customers Huebsch will host two customer events, one at their Eagan, MN facility on September 16, 2016 and the other at their Eau Claire, WI facility on September 23,, 2016.

Huebsch Services was established in 1891 to meet the needs of a growing lumber community in West Central Wisconsin. For more than 12 decades, Huebsch has consistently placed client interests above their own, whether it is for laundry service or cleaning supplies. It’s not only about first impressions, it’s also about lasting relationships – relationships built upon a rare legacy of trust, caringly achieved over 125 years within the laundry service industry.


Today Huebsch serves over 6,000 customers in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, La Crosse, Rice Lake, Winona, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and surrounding areas. Since their humble beginning, they have remained dedicated to the needs of their customers, employees, communities and the environment when it comes to its laundry service business.  Huebsch is deeply committed to innovative and sustainable business practices. As a Clean Green Certified company, Huebsch pursues all avenues of water, chemical, and energy reduction options. 

Most recently, Huebsch made the decision to invest in a large scale Solar Photovoltaic System. The investment made today will set up the company for the next generation.  In August 2016 a 100 KW solar system consisting of 350 panels is being installed on the roof of the Wisconsin facility. It is estimated to provide 20-30% of all electricity they consume.