Dunn Energy Breaks Ground on Solar Facility

August 16, 2016
Menomonie, WI - Dunn Energy Cooperative is excited to announce their partnership with SoCore Energy and Dairyland Power Cooperative in bringing locally produced renewable energy in a large scale capacity to Dunn County.

This 1.1 Megawatt project is one of 12 renewable energy projects that were announced by Dairyland Power Cooperative to be constructed this year. Of the project, one megawatt will be fed into the grid locally through the Downsville substation. The remaining 100,000 kilowatts will be sold directly to Dunn Energy Cooperative members in 250-watt increments. Subscription units are still available for members to purchase.

At the ceremonial ground breaking, held Monday, August 15, 2016 on 370th Ave., in the Town of Dunn, Dunn Energy Cooperative board president Larry Amble said, “This is a great project for Dunn Energy because it came at a time when our own solar garden was at a standstill. Allowing us to be a part of this fulfilled the desire by some of our members to have solar as a part of their energy source at an affordable price while keeping the co-op’s overall investment minimal.”

Dunn Energy Cooperative General Manager, Jim Hathaway, added, “This partnership allows our members to participate in renewable energy without the worry of how much yard they have, how dense their trees are, or what kind of shape their roof is in. It’s a win all around.”

In attendance were (L-R) Don Heit, Town of Dunn Chairman, Dunn Energy Cooperative Board Members Ed Hartung, Louis Husby, Lee Jensen, Brian Johnson, Land Owner Lyle Christensen, SoCore Energy project Manager Jonathon Roberts, Dunn Energy Board President Larry Amble, Dunn Energy CEO Jim Hathaway, Dunn Energy Cooperative Board Members Barb Heffernan, Jim Wildner, Tom Zwiefelhofer, Dean Stokke and Menomonie Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Kara Grottke.

If you are a member of Dunn Energy Cooperative and are interested in participating in the SunDEC Community Solar program, contact the Dunn Energy Cooperative office at 715-232-6240 to be sent a subscription packet.

Jolene Neisius
jolene@dunnenergy.com, 715-232-6240