Dunn County Humane Society and Bridge to Hope Assist Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets

October 26, 2016
Menomonie, WI - Dunn County Humane Society and the Bridge to Hope are now working together to provide assistance to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, and human trafficking where pets are also involved.
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Collaboratively, they have established a program called the "Safe Harbor for At-Risk Pets." This program provides resources for victims and establishes a “Safe Harbor Fund” that will be used solely to help families in such situations. The program will help to provide temporary housing for the animals (at the shelter or in foster homes), food and veterinary care, or even finding permanent placement for the pet(s) if needed.

The Bridge to Hope is a group located in Dunn County dedicated to providing advocacy services for these victims and survivors. Often times this includes providing shelter for individuals and families fleeing these horrible situations. When pets are involved, a unique set of challenges are presented because the pet(s) often have nowhere to go. This is when the Safe Harbor Fund will be put to use.

Studies have shown that up to 48% of such victims will delay leaving an abusive situation out of fear for a pet’s safety. Knowing that there is help for the family pets will, in many cases, help them make the decision to leave sooner than they may otherwise have.

The Dunn County Humane Society applaud the efforts of the Bridge to Hope and are thankful that they are here to help people in these situations. By creating this new program, they are hoping to make that a little easier for both human and furry victims.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Safe Harbor Fund or offer a foster home for animals in these circumstances should contact DCHS Executive Director, Josh Dalton at 715-232-9790. Donations of any amount will help.

Josh Dalton, Director
Dunn County Humane Society
www.dunncountyhumanesociety.org <http://www.dunncountyhumanesociety.org>
Josh Dalton, Executive Director
director@dunncountyhumanesociety.org, 715-232-9790