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Lakeview Floral & Gifts
Job Description
Delivery Driver Job Detail
General Employment Requirements
Applicants should possess a strong work ethic, desire to excel at a career based job and have the ability to learn and adapt quickly.  Excellent people skills with strong written and verbal communication, a polite & professional attitude and a drive to benefit the community, co-workers and customers are required.  The ability to receive and benefit from constructive criticism while maintaining a positive attitude is essential.  Due to the flexible nature and diversity of products and services provided by Lakeview Floral & Gifts, all employees must have a valid driver’s license and good driving record and excel in helping customers in the store and over the phone.  This position requires flexible scheduling during normal store hours of 7:30am- 6:30pm Monday thru Friday and 8:30am- 12:30pm on Saturdays.  Mandatory employee meetings are held the second Monday evening of each month from 6:15pm- 7:15pm.  Employees may be required to work longer hours including nights and weekends during excessively busy times including Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Prom, Weddings, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Position Specific Requirements
Delivery personnel are the face of Lakeview Floral & Gifts to our customers and community; requiring employees in this position to have excellent customer service skills and a desire to serve others well.   Essential skills to excel at this position include excellent time management, the ability to think and make intelligent decisions independently and pay close attention to details.  Applicants must be physically fit, with the ability to lift 50lbs. on a regular basis and to move quickly and safely while on delivery.  Climbing stairs, navigating icy walking paths and delivery in all forms of weather (snow, sleet & rain) are required on a regular basis- it is the responsibility of the employee to provide appropriate attire for these situations.   Most important to this job is a safe driving record with an understanding of map reading and a sense of direction.
In addition to daily deliveries, this position also includes sympathy flower delivery, running errands and general help at Lakeview Floral & Gifts when needed.  Typical hours for this position begin at 9:30am with ending times varying in the afternoon Monday – Friday.  Some Saturday shifts are also required. 

Delivery Position Duties
  • Coordinating delivery routes independently, while focusing on time & fuel management.
  • Contacting recipients to confirm addresses, directions and delivery times.
  • Delivery of fresh flowers, plants and gifts in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Delivery of sympathy gifts to local funeral homes and churches.
  • Maintenance of the fuel and cleanliness of delivery vehicles.
  • Care of delivered items in accordance with weather restrictions.
  • Accurate recording of deliveries made, delivery attempts and vehicle maintenance.
  • Problem resolution with unexpected delivery issues.
  • Interact politely and professionally with customers and the community while being conscious of time management.
Additional Opportunities
In addition to learning the floriculture industry, employees who demonstrate strong leadership skills, consistent personal growth and dedication to their position may be considered for additional opportunities and responsibilities including representing Lakeview Floral & Gifts at community and industry events, open houses and promotions and wholesale buying opportunities.

Employment Benefits
Positions provide competitive pay, based on qualifications and skills, a generous employee discount policy, flexible scheduling and the potential for paid vacation and holiday time for full-time employees.  Employees are also eligible to attend industry- based shows, conferences and workshops on behalf of Lakeview Floral & Gifts to increase their knowledge and skills.
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